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An original web series, currently in pre-production

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A down-on-her-luck painter, desperate to get noticed, steals an outrageous idea from her ex-boyfriend and turns it into an extra feminist performance art piece that makes her go viral for all the wrong reasons.

The Team:

CREATOR/ WRITER/ LEAD: Veronica Maccari 

PRODUCER: Yaniv Waisman

DIRECTOR: Shayda Frost


Kevin Corte

Juliana Ceron

Youda Bleyd

Emma Toureau

Giovannie Cruz

Joanna Romero

Bianca Zeppetelli

Agus Cedraschi

Sofía Bragar

Jenna Pereira

Alessia Crucitelli

Clara Addari

Simone Sassudelli

Giorgia Testa

Yadi Gibert

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