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Polly Pocket is an Official Selection for 9 Festivals!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Polly Pocket is killing it in the festival circuit! It is now an Official Selection for the following festivals:

⭐ First-Time Filmmaker Sessions Film Festival ⭐ Los Angeles Film Awards ⭐ Aphrodite Film Awards ⭐ Best Shorts Competition ⭐ Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival ⭐ Indie Short Fest ⭐ NYC Shorts of all Sorts Directed by Women (Semi-Finalist) ⭐ Northeast Film Festival ⭐ Corti in Cortile Film Festival (Finalist)

Also, it is set to have its WORLD and EUROPEAN PREMIERES in September!

👉 On September 8 at 4pm Veronica and her co-star will be at the Northeast Film Festival in Teaneck, NJ for Polly Pocket's world premiere. Here's the link to the tickets:

👉 On September 21 the film will be shown to European audiences at the Corti in Cortile Film Festival in Catania, Sicily (Italy). Check back for further details!

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