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Polly Pocket Stacks Up Festival Selections!

Veronica is ecstatic to announce that Polly Pocket was just selected by Kaleidoscope LGBTQ+ Film Festival in Little Rock, Arkansas and Phlegraean Film Festival in Rome, Italy, with a nomination for Best Actress, and was also selected as a Finalist by Short+Sweet Film Festival Hollywood. So here's the next opportunities to watch Polly Pocket around the country:

- October 11th at 6pm at the Phlegraean Film Festival - Sala Ostrichina del Parco Vanvitelliano del Fusaro, in Bacoli, Naples (Italy).

- October 22nd at 7pm at the Short+Sweet Film Festival Hollywood - Marylin Monroe Theater.

- November 2nd at 3pm at the Kaleidoscope LGBTQ+ Film Festival - Little Rock, Arkansas

Contact Veronica directly for more info on tickets or visit the festivals' websites.

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